WENDELL J HASKINS – Cultivating Change through Diversity, & Inclusion

SummaryWendell Hastings, a leader in diversity and inclusion and marketing, shares his experiences in shaping culture and influencing the global landscape. He discusses the importance of like-minded individuals with similar interests and goals in creating culture.Wendell reflects on his early exposure to the music industry through his sister’s work and the impact it had on him. He also highlights the influence of his father’s work in the civil rights movement and the memorable experiences he had growing up. Wendell shares his journey in the golf industry and the challenges he faced in promoting diversity and inclusion. He emphasizes the importance of leadership and creativity in driving change and discusses the significance of curating parties and events that celebrate black culture.Wendell also discusses the role of data and analytics in diversity and inclusion initiatives and the need to increase representation of black professionals in the golf industry. The conversation explores the importance of increasing representation in golf and the impact it can have on the industry and culture. It also delves into personal reflections on the journey of breaking into white spaces and the significance of passion and execution. The chapters cover topics such as diversity and inclusion in golf, personal growth and development, and the role of education and research in shaping culture. The conversation concludes with a recognition of the accomplishments and impact of the guest.TakeawaysCulture is created by like-minded individuals with similar interests and goals.Exposure to different industries and cultures can shape one’s career path and passion.Leadership is about creating more leaders, not just followers.Creating traditions and long-lasting initiatives can have a significant impact on culture.Data and analytics are essential in understanding the landscape and challenges of diversity and inclusion. Increasing representation and opportunities for black professionals in the golf industry is crucial for driving change.Chapters00:00Introduction and Background02:14Realizing the Influence of Black Culture05:02Early Experiences in the Music Industry06:23Transitioning from Nonprofit to Music Industry08:37Missed Opportunity in the Music Business10:08Influence of Father’s Work in Civil Rights12:23Working at National Urban League Conferences13:30Creating Opportunities for Youth16:19Navigating Diversity and Inclusion in the PGA17:32Shifting Culture in Golf22:45Leadership and Creativity for Change28:26Curating Parties and Shaping Culture33:59Using Data and Analytics for Diversity and Inclusion39:06Impact of Diversity in Golf41:00Increasing Representation in Golf45:41The Opening Scene of Life Documentary47:31Three Seeds for Shaping Culture52:18Acknowledging Accomplishments
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