LIBRA FORDE – Unboxing Culture: Shared Identity & Personal Freedom


The conversation explores the concept of culture and its importance. It delves into the idea that culture provides a sense of belonging and a soft landing, allowing individuals to take flight and refuel.

The discussion also touches on the importance of sharing culture and not keeping it boxed in. Trust, communication, and the willingness to do hard things are highlighted as essential components in building a culture of empowerment and progress.

In this conversation, Libra Forde shares her perspective on personal growth, self-discipline, and redefining societal norms. She emphasizes the importance of programming oneself rather than being programmed by society. Libra discusses the significance of setting boundaries and the discipline required to stick to them.

She also highlights the need for open dialogue and respect in relationships, redefining traditional roles, and measuring love in a way that goes beyond give and take.

Libra’s why is to provide a healthy and elevating environment for all individuals she encounters. She encourages others to be conscious in their positioning, write their own script, and strive for freedom in all aspects of their being.

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Culture Raises US. It isn’t just something we’re impacted by, it’s also something we can impact.

As empowered stewards of Culture, it’s time to get smart on how we can continue influencing society while breaking new grounds.

On Culture Raises US, Astor Chambers invites you to join for honest, insightful, and challenging conversations with pioneering cultivators across music, fashion, tech, sports, art, and entertainment.

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