MITCHELL S. JACKSON – Decoding Black Influence in America


Mitchell Jackson discusses his journey, the significance of culture, the fusion of fashion and sports, the NBA’s cultural impact, the responsibility of content creators, the importance of black ownership, and the evolution of NBA fashion. The conversation explores the evolution of fashion as art, the exploitation of black culture, the importance of preserving and growing black culture, the role of artists in preserving culture, the importance of service in the arts, and the power of curiosity, integrity, and passion.


  • Culture plays a significant role in shaping our identities and preserving our history.
  • The fusion of fashion and sports, particularly in the NBA, has become a cultural phenomenon.
  • Black ownership and recognition are crucial for the empowerment and advancement of the black community.
  • Content creators have a responsibility to tell the truth and inform others about important issues.
  • NBA fashion has evolved over the years, influenced by social media and globalization. Fashion is a form of art that allows individuals to express themselves and evolve over time.
  • Black culture is often exploited and commodified by platforms and spaces that do not contribute to or understand its significance.
  • Preserving and growing black culture requires ownership of intellectual property and careful consideration of how it is used and leveraged.
  • Artists have a responsibility to evolve and continue pushing boundaries in their craft.
  • Service is a fundamental aspect of the arts, as artists have the power to inspire, educate, and inform through their work.
  • Curiosity, integrity, and passion are essential qualities for stewards of culture to ensure its preservation and growth.


Introduction of Mitchell Jackson
The Journey and Turning Point
Realization of the Significance of Black Culture
Exploring the Fusion of Fashion and Sports
The Cultural and Societal Significance of the NBA and its Players
The Responsibility of Content Creation
The Importance of Black Ownership and Recognition
Colin Kaepernick and the Approach to Change
The Evolution of NBA Fashion
The Evolution of Fashion as Art
The Exploitation of Black Culture
Preserving and Growing Black Culture
The Role of Artists in Preserving Culture
The Importance of Service in the Arts
The Power of Curiosity, Integrity, and Passion

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