KENNY BURNS – Sharing the Codes for Evolution in Culture

Kenny Burns is a renowned entrepreneur and iconic lifestyle specialist. Kenny shares his inspiring journey and his unique approach to business expansion, highlighting his perspective on how to properly build brands and people up together in a way that empowers everyone involved.

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[03:00 – 03:19] I want more meaningful everything
[05:40 – 05:55] Kenny burns, a kid from Washington, DC grew up in a single parent home
[06:32 – 06:51] What our era looks like
[07:43 – 07:58] Opportunity & Money
[14:25 – 14:29] The definition of evolution
[30:21 – 30:37] Lifestyle marketers
[48:07 – 48:23] The way we think
[55:05 – 55:21] How are we informing?

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