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As empowered stewards of Culture, it’s time to get smart on how we can continue influencing society while breaking new grounds.

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Challenging conversations with pioneering cultivators across music, fashion, tech, sports, art, and entertainment.

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The Sneaker Culture Revolution

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Laughter, Legacy, and the Seeds of Stewardship

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Decoding Black Influence in America

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Legacy, Culture, and Trill Burgers

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Astor is an industry legend. I’m grateful that he’s sharing his knowledge and positive energy with the world. I’ve learn something new with every episode that I listened to.


Thursdays have been a weekly gem! This was the podcast I didn’t know I needed this year.

Every Thursday feels like listening to a mentor speak to you, just over a podcast. Rooted in the facts, experiences, and industry knowledge – I can confidently take nuggets and apply them to how I navigate this space. It’s really energizing to hear from people in different industries that I didn’t know about. The variety provides something for every space. We’re all taking notes Astor, thank you.



I am very happy that a former classmate of mine shared this podcast with his network yesterday. I’m a fan. We “the people” need to hear more thoughtful conversations about the impact of culture on all of us. Thank you for manifesting this idea into a reality. Keep rising!


Listened to my first episode of this podcast – the epidote with Betsy Parker. Can’t wait to catch up on all the past episodes – looking at culture through different lenses of experience… In the case of this episode, the culture of cultivating and incubating talent – and an approach about giving someone an opportunity versus filling a job.


Each episode is engaging and you feel like you are in the room with them. I look forward to these each week. Meaningful discussions that lead to deep thought and an expanded lens to look through.


Very important topics that are bought up. It is inspiring to hear a successful Black man sharing his knowledge and beliefs on various topics relating to culture on such a podcast. Every statement said makes you really think. Such as when Chris Hicks said that he never worked, but was able to do what he was passionate about and was fortunate enough to get paid. Makes you rethink your purpose and what you want to do in your life, especially in a world where the culture is to just work or conform.


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